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The Rapper Sword Shuffle Step


Shuffle Step



It is most unusual for bells to feature in the rapper sword dance. Instead, the dance uses a driving, almost running step for the figures, punctuated by the dancers becoming suddenly still and "stepping" in time with the music. This is usually used to display to the audience the complexity of the plaited swords and give them a chance to applaud.

Assuming that you start every phrase of the music on the right foot, at the last beat, stamp on the left foot. Then, starting with the right foot, transfer your weight onto that foot and brush your left foot on the floor in a forward and backward motion (sometimes, using a circular motion helps make the taps separate). Then transfer your weight to the left foot and brush forward and back with the right. Then repeat the cycle. This takes a bit of practice but, when the dancers have mastered the technique, the effect is electrifying. In general, the stepping starts on the first beat of the bar of music and continues for 2 or 4 bars before the dancers continue with the figures, starting their running step again on the right foot. To get the clearest sound, leather soled shoes on a wooden floor work best.

The sound samples below should help you get the feel for the shuffle step. I have added a few bars of words to the slower sample as a help.

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Shuffle Step (slow pace) (60 bpm)

Shuffle Step (up to speed) (120 bpm)


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